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Exercises and Workouts - Three Great Bodyweight Cardio Moves To Do At Home

Short on time and need to get in a quick workout? Not to worry, you have plenty of great options. When it comes to cardio training, the great news is you need little more than some open space and your bodyweight. There is a lot you can do to get your heart rate up, burn calories, and have fun at the same time.
Here are three great bodyweight exercises you can use, structuring them together as one workout protocol...
1. Burpees. Burpees are a fantastic exercise which will work your entire body and ensure your heart rate is boosted to the max. Of all the bodyweight exercise you could do, these may be the most intense, so keep that in mind as you perform them. Be patient if you cannot do many in a row - they are very challenging.
When doing these, you will want to jump as high as possible to get the best strength gain possible. Remember to wear proper supportive footwear as well as you will have a good degree of stress coming down on your joints.
2. Jumping Jacks. Next up are jumping jacks. This exercise is well-known as you have likely done it many times as a kid so the movement will come naturally.
As you do these, focus on taking a deep knee bend each time you land, which is going to help bring the quads and glutes into play to a larger degree.
3. Mountain Climbers. Finally, the third must do exercise to get your heart rate up and allow for an at home cardio session is mountain climbers. These are great for working your core muscles and will also recruit the shoulders as well as the lower body as you support yourself through the exercise movement pattern.
When doing these, make sure you keep your head looking down to avoid placing excess strain on your neck muscles.
Ready for your workout? Try this fast and easy circuit next time you need to burn calories in less than 15 minutes. Perform as many reps of each exercise as you can in a one-minute time frame. Once each minute is completed, rest for 20 seconds and then move onto the next exercise. Repeat this circuit three times through...
  • burpees,
  • jumping Jacks, and
  • mountain climbers.
So, if you want to get in a quick workout at home, try these effective routines to work your entire body, get your heart rate up, and burn calories.
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